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Learning curve in St Petersburg

In the first week in St.Petersburg I learnt a few things, mostly the hard way!
• Don't assume that the toilet can handle normal toilet functions.
• Just because it looks like the free bus you got on earlier doesn't mean it's free. The
driver will most likely say nothing at the time, then stop a little down the road to
shout at you for not paying.
• It's perfectly possible to spread cream cheese with the end of your toothbrush but
given that it costs only a pound to get to Ikea and back, unless, of course, you
make the above mistake, it's probably best just to get some cutlery.
• When the fountain says it does boiling water, don't test it with your hand.

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St Petersburg

Tha mi nis air a bhith air ais san Ruis fad seachdainn gu leth. Tha mi a' fuireach ann am Baile Naomh Phàdraig an turas seo, a' teagasg agus ag ionnsachdh ruiseanais aig an aon àm. Bith mi an seo airson na coig miosan a tha ri thighinn.

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New Year

Tha mi'n dòchas gun robh deagh saor-laithean aig a h-uile duine. Bith mi air ais san Ruis an ceann seachdainn neo dha le barrachd sgeulachdan.

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Russian fashion

Girls in Russia like to dress up. And not just for a night out. With three men for every woman competition is tough. Even with the horrendous state of roads and pavements, high heels are in! So I decided to join them. I bought some fairly sensible high heel ankle boots with a fair amount of pointing, nodding and smiling. Only three weeks in to my stay here and I hadn't quite figured out the whole shopping thing. My next shopping adventure was my skinny jeans. This time I had the good sense to take my host along with me. My host and the shop assistant had a lengthy discussion about my height and size, handing me every single suitable pair of jeans in the shop. Twenty minutes and ten pounds later I was the proud owner of Russian jeans. Since then I have managed to go shopping by myself and leave with an entire outfit, even if I had to resort to English more than once. And most recently, when my ancient rucksack finally gave up the ghost, I looked round three separate shopping centres, chatted with countless shop assistants and never once had a problem with my Russian. Now that is progress!

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Turas gu Cisi (Кижи)

'S e eilean beag am meadhan loch Onega a th' ann an Cisi. Air an eilean tha cruinneachadh de dachaidhean traidiseanta (dacha) agus eaglaisean, uile air an deanamh a-mach ath fiodh. Chaidh sinn ann bho chionn mios, nuair a bha an t-sìd' fhathast math gu leoir airson dol ann. Chosg na tiocaidean corr is 50 not, airson tùras a mhair uair gu leth. Mholainn dhuibh gum a bhith g' òl an oidhche roimhe. Chan eil tineas mara air a bhith orm riamh ach bha mise gus cur a-mach. Air an eilean sheall sinn air eaglaisean fiodha, taighean-tasgaidh an seann doigh beatha agus cheannaich sinn preusantan. Cheannaich mise matrushka ann am buth beag aig ceann a chidhe. Bha e math bhith air ais air eilean, ged a tha e caran fad air falbh bho eileanan Alba, seach a bhith am meadhan baile industrial.

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