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Na tha ri fhaicinn ri taomh Loch Onega 2


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Na tha ri fhaicinn ri taomh Loch Onega


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Wedding bells

I sat down to have a cup of tea with my host. She asked if I'd seen the wedding down by the lake. We chatted a bit about the cars, horses and outfits. So far a perfectly normal conversation. She then asked when my boyfriend and I planned to get married. Baring in mind that I had only known her for a week I should have been fairly shocked. Luckily I had been warned about the likelihood of being asked such a question. She then, however, went on to ask who would pay for my wedding and whether I had money saved up for the rings. Thankfully she seemed satisfied by my answer of, "traditionally in Scotland...". Safe for now!

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Dìnear san Ruis

Air an dàrna là san Ruis ghabh sin dìnear còmhla ris an teaghlach. Shuidh sinn sios aig bòrd lan buntata, glasraich le salainn, balgam buarach agus feoil air choireigin. Thoisich sinn ag ith' 's an sin thug an duine a-mach botail vodka. Chuir e mach gloinnichean sugh, 's an sin chuir e mach gloinnichean airson vodka. Bha gloinnichean diofaraichte aig na boireannaich. Dhoirt e mach gloinne vodka an t-aon. Innsidh mi dhuibh an dràsda nach ainne dha na Ruiseanaich Te Bheag, chan eil aca ach Te Mhòr. Ghabh sinn aon agus chum sinn oirnn ag ith'. Uill cha do sguir sinn ag òl gus an robh am botail fallamh. Abair dìnear!

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Introduction and Arriving in Russia

'S mise Eilidh Oliver 's tha mi a' cuir seachad bliadhna san Ruis mar phairt de ceum ann an Cànan agus Cultair an Ruis. Tha mi'n dràsd' a' fuireach ann am Baile Factoraidh Pheadar (Petrozavodsk) 's bith mi ann am Baile Naomh Phàdraig as deidh na Bliadhn' Ùr.

My name is Eilidh Oliver and I'm spending a year in Russia as part of my degree in Russian Studies. I am currently living in Petrozavodsk and will be in St.Petersburg after New Year.

After the mainly uneventful flight from Heathrow, and what seemed like the longest landing in history, we finally landed at Pulkovo Airport. The fun had only just begun! Got through passport control, and having waited for what seemed like an eternity for my luggage, I was straight through the green channel and in Russia. Not so for everybody in the group. We ended up waited for two and half hours at the airport as others from the group filled out lost luggage forms. Eventually it was time to leave and we headed out for our bus. I was expecting a coach, after all there were twenty of us with luggage to last till Christmas. What actually turned up was a tiny battered school bus. So we set off in this tiny bus on a six hour journey. We had two stops on the way, the first of which was your average motorway garage. The second stop, however, was somewhat different. There was a man selling huge chunks of meat straight out the back of his car. We got away from there as quickly as possible, but the bus broke down only a few miles down the road. After ten minutes the teacher who was travelling with us came in to say that we might as well get out "and have fun", because standing in the middle of a forest at midnight is fun. An hour later we set off again at snail's pace. Finally we reached Petrozavodsk, where we were picked up by a Russian couple and taken to our accommodation. We were shown round and they insisted we ate before sleeping. Noodles and burgers at three am anybody?

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